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Keeping your heating system running efficiently in the first place is our main goal. We recommend annual maintenance inspections so our techs can check for leaks and worn out parts. If something needs to be replaced, the heat pump repair can be done at that time… versus on a cold night in December!

Part of the maintenance procedure is to also clean out debris that may have accumulated over time in your system. Both checking for leaks and worn out parts and this routine clean out really helps keep your heat pump repair bills low. A problem- free heat pump that is keeping your family warm and comfortable is not only smart, but it prevents heat pump repairs turning into major expensive problems down the road if not corrected promptly.

Routine, regularly scheduled maintenance visits where heat pump repairs are required are also less expensive than replacing multiple parts later on an after hours emergency repair call. Plus, keeping your heat pump running efficiently also lowers your monthly heating and cooling bills.

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Experienced Heat Pump Repair Experts

We do want to make a quick note about heat pump repairs. If you choose to heat and cool your home using a heat pump, it’s essential that you choose a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC company to service it. Here at CBS Mechanical Services, we always use the utmost care and precision when we’re installing your heat pump. The little details – placement, connection, calibration, and configuration – are what make or break your heat pump, and those are the details we’re sure to get right.

Heat Pump Cooling

Heat pumps work like central air conditioning systems, it transfers heat from the hot air in your home to the outside air. There’s three main components to a heat pump. First there is the compressor, then a condenser and an evaporator coil.

These parts convert the chemical refrigerant from a gas to a liquid and then back to a gas as the heat pump system works to cool your home. Inside your home, the evaporator coil removes the humidity from the air and the excess heat. The outside unit containing the condenser and compressor releases this heat that the refrigerant chemical captured indoors.

An ongoing cycle of heat capture inside your home, and release outside the home begins when the refrigerant arrives at the compressor as a low-pressure gas cool gas. The purpose of the compressor is to press together the molecules in the refrigerant closer and closer together which increases the temperature of the refrigerant. When it leaves the compressor it is a hot, high pressure gas which flows into the condenser.

Once in the condenser coil, this hot refrigerant chemical releases its heat. The fan on the outdoor cabinet draws the outdoor air into the cabinet and across the hot coil. This moving air transfers the heat to the outside air and cools the refrigerant inside the coil completing the cooling cycle.

Because of the nature of this chemical refrigerant, when it leaves the condenser coil, its much cooler and has changed from a gas to a liquid. It then flows inside your home through tubing to a small expansion valve where the liquid’s pressure drops becoming a low temperature and low pressure liquid that flows into the evaporator coil where it dissipates heat from the return air blown over the coil by a fan.

At the same time, moist air condenses on the indoor coil. Humidity taken out of the air, as it makes touches the indoor coil. Water condensate is collected in a pan at the bottom of the coil and drains, or is pumped to a drainage pan, or outside.

Heat Pump Heating

To heat your home the cooling process is reversed. The outdoor unit evaporates a low temperature refrigerant. The liquid evaporates absorbing heat from the outside air. Some folks wonder how this can heat the home when the temperatures are so cold outside. However, heat pumps can also heat your home because heat exists in all air molecules all the way down to absolute zero. Surprisingly cold winter air still contains some heat that can be extracted and used to heat the air in your home.

Professional Heat Pump Repairs

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